Villa Amani, 3 Bedroom Villa Kuta Lombok

Three bedroom private villa in Kuta Lombok with a large pool and gardens.

Private villa in Kuta Lombok 

Villa Amani is a private luxury villa located in the heart of 
Kuta Lombok, featuring three double bedrooms.

The villa boasts a large pool and an impressive open living area surrounded by a beautifully landscaped tropical garden, the perfect location for wellness.

Our boutique service is tailored to individual guests, and our team is available to assist you in curating your perfect holiday experience

Entrance to the Villa
Huge pool and gardens
Health and Wellness at Villa Amani Kuta Lombok

A conveniently located villa in central Kuta Lombok, close to all the shops, cafes, and restaurants

Villa Amani Kuta Lombok is located at the center of Lombok’s southern peninsula, in a bustling bohemian fishing village nestled on the shore of Mandalika Bay.

The villa has a private garden and a large swimming pool, providing our guests with complete privacy. We ensure that our guests can disconnect, relax, and enjoy everything Villa Amani and Kuta Lombok have to offer by providing 24 hour security and concierge service.

Our proximity to the International Airport and Mandalika International Street Circuit has seen Kuta grow in size and allure over the last few years.

Dining at Villa Amani Kuta Lombok
Decor at Villa Amani Kuta Lombok
Pool at Villa Amani Kuta Lombok

Community lead experiences

At Villa Amani Kuta Lombok, we work with the local community and businesses in various ways to bring the best of Lombok’s culture, taste, and environment to our guests.

With conservation and empowerment at the center of all we do, we wish to create meaningful engagement with our guests and the surrounding local community and environment.

Private Dining

Best food in Kuta Lombok

Chefs from Lombok and overseas create fantastic dining experiences for our guests in the comfort and privacy of the villa. We tailor to the guest’s desires, whether for a romantic dinner or special occasion.

Traditional Weaving

Community engagement at Villa Amani

Since the Silk Road period of Majapahit, Indonesia has created some of the most delicate and artistic fabrics in the world. Community leaders take guests into a world of Ikat and batik textiles unique to Lombok.

Cooking Classes

Best food in Kuta Lombok

There is no better way to learn about a culture than through its food. Lombok chef Pak Lalu and his team take guests on a fun and engaging gastronomic journey through the tastes of Indonesia and Lombok.

Stay Sustainable

Stay sustainably at Villa Amani

We have designed and curated a property ethically and sustainably that creates a wholesome environment for guests to relish.

Designed with passion

With over 15 years of living and working in Indonesia, we have traveled the breadth of the archipelago, from northern Borneo to the southernmost reaches.

It is the island of Lombok where we have fallen in love, and Villa Amani Kuta Lombok pays homage to southern Indonesia’s rich cultural and artistic heritage.

Always consider the local environment

Villa Amani Kuta Lombok combines traditional Sasak elements and art with a laid-back sense of contemporary tropical luxury.

The villa is constructed using locally sourced, low-impact materials that contribute to the regional economy and preserve artisan techniques for future generations. 

Growing sustainably

We use and preserve traditional practices at Villa Amani Kuta Lombok, and we recycle, use renewable energy, compost, and have a local sourcing policy.