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Resort or Private Villa in Lombok

When booking holidays you’re often faced with the dilemma whether to book a resort, hotel or private villa. 

Interiors at Villa Amani in Kuta Lombok

With Kuta Lombok expanding with its options of accommodation many people are now torn whether to look for a resort or private villa both of which are still in relatively limited supply opposed to homes days and small hotels.

In this article we hope to outline some of the pros and cons of staying in a resort or a private villa and outline some of the benefits that we offer here at Villa Amani Lombok and the Niyama Villas.

The Differences between Resort or Private Villa

The difference between a resort and a villa is that a resort has everything onsite – restaurants, entertainment, activities, etc. Resorts also tend to have many guests.

Villas are more private, luxury residences designed for a relaxed, intimate feeling. The number of rooms is limited, usually enough for a multi-family vacation. It is not uncommon for villas to have private pools, private balconies and private beaches.

Something Unique

In most cases, the larger resorts are part of a larger management company, so in our experience, although there is an element of certainty, you often lose the personal touches and local elements that individual Villa owners can give to their properties.

Privacy and Space

The ultimate benefit of a private villa is that you have complete privacy, and guests warrant a discretional service tailored to their needs. So if you’re looking for that perfect vacation to spend time with friends, loved ones, or family, a private villa allows you the space and peace to do this.


Tailored Facilities and Amenities

As resorts usually have many facilities and amenities onsite with private villas, owners and managers are often more creative in the additional facilities and amenities they can provide guests.

At Villa Amani Kuta Lombok for example, although we have a huge pool and various fitness equipment onsite, we also offer a range of wellness and fitness activities the guests can engage in the comfort of their Villa.

Food and Beverage

With resorts having restaurants on-site in most cases, private villas do not; however, in the case of Villa Amani Kuta Lombok we are located close to the town centre, which has a Full range of different restaurants, cafés and options for any dining.

Also, with the private villa, you have a large kitchen and entertainment area that is perfect for cooking at home, ordering takeaway from the many restaurants close by or even hiring one of our recommended personal chefs to cater.

With dietary requirements and people wishing to know more about the food, they consume the private Villa offers a flexible and transparent approach to good wholesome food and dining.

The Final Word
Obviously, there are pros and cons to taking a resort or a private villa; however, in the case of Villa Amani and Niyama, the service model and guest offerings have been lovingly prepared to offer a more unique experience to guests.

So when booking your next holiday, instead of just another cookie-cutter hotel or resort, try something different and private and make meaningful, memorable experiences.

Girls at Villa Amani