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The best restaurants in Kuta Lombok

Best Kuta Lombok Restaurants

Welcome to our 2022 guide to the best restaurants in Kuta Lombok. Kuta Lombok and the surrounding area have a wealth of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, local food warungs (local food stalls), and beach clubs.

No matter what your culinary choice, wellness goals, or dietary requirements are, there will be something in town that suits your needs. We have compiled a small list of our favorite restaurants, bars, clubs, and cafes for you to try when in Kuta Lombok, all within a few minutes from the villa.

Restaurants serving international cuisine

Kuta Mandalika

Crisp, clean Mediterranean food in an idyllic rooftop setting
Drive from Villa Amani 3Mins

Central Kuta Le Too Much

mixture of French and world cuisine with colorful hosts and a fine wine cellar.
2 minute drive from Villa Amani 

Mexican food in Kuta Lombok

El Bazar
Central Kuta

Moroccan cuisine and one of the oldest restaurants in Kuta
Drive from Villa Amani 5Mins

Satu Lagi
Central Kuta

Mexican restaurant with a good variety of dishes and a vibrant hipster crowd
Drive from Villa Amani 2Mins

Tagine in Kuta Lombok

Kuta Lombok bars and cafes

Yogi Bar
Central Kuta

Good expats hang out with steak nights on Friday and a mixture of French and Asian cuisine.
Drive from Villa Amani 3Mins

Gecko Cafe
Central Kuta

Good modern Australian breakfast menu served all day with great hosts and a fun party atmosphere on weekends.
Drive from Villa Amani 3Mins

Bush Radio
Central Kuta

Go to a morning coffee spot with good, simple CAFE food, friendly staff, and a chilled-out CAFE vibe.
Drive from Villa Amani 2Mins

Jl. Mawun Kuta

Affordably priced healthy cuisine in a pleasant backstreet setting.
Drive from Villa Amani 3Mins

Pasta in Kuta Lombok

Restaurants serving European cuisine

Central Kuta

A mixture of English and international savory meals at affordable prices with great desserts
Drive from Villa Amani 3Mins

The Breakery

Central Kuta

Hands down the best bakery in town—a great spot for lunch or breakfast with fresh croissants, baguettes, and sourdoughs.
Drive from Villa Amani 2Mins

Tagine in Kuta Lombok

Central Kuta

Located as part of the gym, the menu is healthy and filling, making it a great spot for all-day dining. Check their Instagram, as on weekends they have barbecues.
Drive from Villa Amani 3Mins

Restaurants serving Indonesian and Asian cuisine


Jiang Nan
Central Kuta

Freshly made Chinese and Asian food; one of the best restaurants in town in our opinion; a very nice restaurant space; friendly staff; and great management.
Drive from Villa Amani 3Mins

Central Kuta

The island’s largest wine distributor owns this upscale Indonesian and international restaurant, which has excellent sales.The restaurant also has a bottle shop that sells spirits and wines.
Drive from Villa Amani 3Mins

Central Kuta

A mixture of Indonesian and international menus in a vibrant hipster environment
Drive from Villa Amani 3Mins

Fresh lobsters in Kuta Lombok

Seafood restaurants


Traditional Lombok seafood restaurants where you can purchase fresh fish, prawns, lobster, and other seafood and grill it directly on the coconut husk.
Drive from Villa Amani 4Mins

Kuta Beach/Mandalika

seafood restaurant with a host of international-style dishes.
Drive from Villa Amani 3Mins

The Catch
Central Kuta

Predominantly a seafood restaurant with a wide international menu.
Drive from Villa Amani 3MinsS

Best food in Kuta Lombok

Beach clubs and day clubs


Probably our favorite beach club on the island, it is very secluded, has a small but well executed menu, and is a great place to stay for a few days and enjoy the peace and quiet.
Drive from Villa Amani 30Mins

Selong Belanak

Located on the legendary Selong Belanak beach, this resort has a beachside menu, which is a great place to hang out on Sundays, have some food, and relax.
Drive from Villa Amani in 30 minutes: