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Activities and things to do around Kuta Lombok.

Kuta Lombok‘s ideal coastal location makes it the perfect place for a fun-packed experience with endless activities and excursions for you to enjoy, all within a short distance from the villa.

We have collected some of our favorite things to do in Kuta Lombok and the surrounding area, as well as some companies that can help with wellness, excursions, and activities.

The team at Villa Amani can help you book these excursions with our trusted partners.


Lombok has a plethora of fantastic dive sites, ranging from Hammerhead Point to the Gili Islands, as well as numerous dives near Kuta Mandalika.There are several dive shops in town, but we recommend Blue Marlin for fun dives as well as PADI training and courses.They are located near Bush Radio and the fish market.

Diving in Kuta Lombok

Free Diving 

If you want to take your diving and aquatic pursuits to another level of focus and discipline, then you should try free diving. There are a number of operators in the Gili Islands and a handful in Kuta that can take you for training, such as Blue Marlin, mentioned above, and Free Dive Gili.

Free Diving in Kuta Lombok

Lombok is well-known for its surfing and has several world-class waves, including desert point and others. Whether you are an accomplished surfer or just looking to learn and have fun, there are a number of beaches and breaks close by the villas, and we can arrange for teachers and guides to help you on your search. A couple of notable waves near Villa Amani are Gerupuk, Tanjung Ann, Seger Reef, Are Guling, Mawi, and Eka’s.

Surfing in Kuta Lombok

Hiking and Trekking
Known for its pristine natural beauty, there are a number of amazing treks, walks, and hikes, some around Kuta Lombok and others around the island, such as the epic Mount Rinjani. Just on your doorstep is Bukit Merese, an iconic headland walk that follows the coast from Kuta to Tanjung Ann, a fantastic place to watch the sunset. For more intense hikes such as Mount Rinjani, you will require a guide, which the villa can arrange, but for ones closer to home, just boot up and hit the trail!

Kuta Lombok

South Lombok is ideal for paragliding due to its undulating hills and sharp Headland cliffs, as well as the warm ocean breeze. There are a number of instructors and operators in Kuta Lombok who can execute tandem flights and even training sessions solo. It’s a great way to view the landscape from above, and there are many locations where paragliders alight.

Paragliding Kuta Lombok