Villa Amani, 3 Bedroom Villa Kuta Lombok

Your guide to South Lombok’s best beaches

Lombok is known for some of the world’s most beautiful nature and astonishing beaches. We have compiled below a list of our favorite spots, all within a short distance from the villa.

The Villa Amani is perfectly located in Kuta, which allows for the best access to all of South Lombok’s beaches and beauty spots.

Segar Beach
This spot is good for intermediate to experienced surfers, is a great place to marvel at the surrounding scenery, and is a very popular place to watch the sunset.

Certain sections of this beach are okay for swimming when the tide is high, but generally, it is quite rocky.

It is easily accessible from the town of Kuta, and along the main beach are a number of small restaurants and bars.

Distance from Amani: 10 min.

Best beaches in Kuta Lombok

Novotel Beach 
A great option for families or just chilling out, the beach in front of the Novotel is a very flat lagoon with no swell at all, making it perfect for children or just relaxing. Due to the fact that it is on the rivermouth, the water is not particularly clean, but nonetheless, it is a nice place to get a cabana and relax for the day.

You can usually buy a pass for the day or the week from the Novotel where you can use all of their facilities and get a discount on food and beverages.

Distance from Amani: 8 min.

Tanjung Ann
A must-see in Lombok and one of our favorites, this white sand horseshoe beach with views of the Bukit Merese is truly world-class. A great place for beginner surfers and longboarders, you can rent boats or instructors from one of the many beach cafes to take you out to the breaks around 500 meters offshore.

Warung Turtle is our favorite spot for relaxing with a coconut or beer, and the seafood is also very good here; sometimes, if you want lobsters and prawns, it’s best to book in advance.

Distance from Amani: 15 min.

Kuta Mandalika
The local Kuta Beach that has been redeveloped by the government is a long white sand beach with a large walking path, toilets, and facilities lining the beachfront. It’s a good place to swim as there are no currents, and although the development is quite new, once it grows out, I’m sure it will be a popular place due to its proximity to town. It’s popular with kite surfers and kayakers due to the lagoon nature of the beachfront.

Distance from Amani: min.

Best beaches in Kuta Lombok

Selong Belanak 
one of the world’s best stretches of white sand beach, with untouched surroundings and almost prehistoric coastline views. A perfect beach for swimming, walking, and learning how to surf, there are a couple of restaurants on the beach, and you can rent boards and arrange lessons with the various beachside surf schools.

Distance from Amani: 25 min.

A little ways up from Selong Belanak, this less-known beach is also idyllic, and varying swell conditions allow you to paddle. It is a good wave for surfing, and even beginner groups do go there; however, there is a lot of current, so it is best to go with a guide or instructor. Segara Resort is our pick to hang out next to the pool, enjoy some food, and soak up the sun.

Distance from Amani: 30 min.

Gerupuk Bay
A beautiful bay on the other side of Tanjung Ann offers five surf spots for surfers of all levels, from beginner to advanced.From the village of Gerupuk, you can jump on a local boat for a few dollars that will take you to the breaks and wait while you surf. The team at Amani can assist in arranging tours and boats.

Distance from Amani: 15 min.

Best beaches in Kuta Lombok

Are Guling
long beach with varying sands that extends a couple of kilometers, parts of which are accessible at low tide. Popular with experienced surfers and better in the wet season, it’s a short drive from Kuta, which makes it popular with locals. There are a number of beach warungs at Are Guling and some small cafes in the village.

Distance from Amani: 15 min.

Pantai Mawun
Untouched horseshoe bay has white sands, a couple of local food stalls on the beach, is great for a swim, and has some waves depending on the swell and season.

Distance from Amani: 10 min.

Best beaches in Kuta Lombok


Great in the dry season and caters to experienced surfers, but somewhat secluded and with limited food and drink options other than basic noodles and soft drinks.It’s a nice drive to access through the hills and forest areas of the forestry areas, but we wouldn’t recommend swimming due to the strong currents and isolated location.

Distance from Amani: 25 min.