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Best places for breakfast in Kuta Lombok

Looking for the perfect start to the day then look no further, we have curated a list of our top breakfast locations in Kuta Lombok for every taste and inclination.

The Euro
Good coffee and amazing freshly baked pastries and breads then THE BREAKERY is what you need.  This french owned and managed cafe is located on the main Kuta high street and has indoor and outdoor seating and a large range of freshly baked goods as well as breakfast options sandwiches.

Croissants are delicious as is the omelette with fresh sour dough,  for lunch the chicken baguette is fantastic and the bagels a nice filling snack washed down with freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee.

Open ⋅ Closes 6PM
Phone: 0811-3812-124

Distance from Amani 3 Mins

Actually not Australian but created by a kiwi couple GECKO serves a delightful modern Australian menu with a host of filling, freshly made breakfasts including bowls, toasts and a good range of egg based dishes.  Located in the centre of town with a stylish cafe style design with indoor working area they have great coffee, fresh juices and a wide ranging all day dining menu.

Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Tue
Phone: 0823-4196-3558

Distance from Amani Mins

The hub
For years an absolute staple in Kuta and the hive of expat life Milk Espresso has been shut for renovation over covid but is soon to reopen with with a new menu and decor.  Always a popular breakfast spot serving an international spread and awesome coffee.  Milk has two levels and an indoor area popular with remote workers,  evenings they have a variety of specials and live music nights that get very vibrant on the upstairs bar area.

Closed ⋅ Opens 7AM
Phone: 0823-5917-7439

Distance from Amani MinsEs

Your guide to South Lombok’s best beaches

Lombok is known for some of the worlds most beautiful nature and astonishing beaches we have compiled below a list of our favourite spots all a short distance from the villa.

The Villa Amani is perfectly located in KUTA Lombok which allows for the best access to all of South Lombok’s beaches and beauty spots.

Segar Beach
This speech is good for intermediate to experience surfers and is a great place to marvel at the surrounding scenery and very popular to watch the sunset.

Certain sections of this beach are okay for swimming when the tide is high but generally it is quite rocky.

It is easily accessible from the town of Kuta and along the main beach are a number of small restaurants and bars.

Distance from Amani 10 Mins

Best beaches in Kuta Lombok

Novotel Beach
A great option for families or just chilling out the beach in front of the Novotel is a very flat lagoon with no swell at all so perfect for children or just relaxing.  Due to the fact that it is on the rivermouth the water is not particularly clean but nonetheless it is a nice place to get a cabana and relax for the day.

You can usually buy a pass for the day or the week from the Novotel where are you can use all of their facilities and get a discount on food and beverage.

Distance from Amani 8 Mins

Tanjung Ann
A must see in Lombok and one of our favourites, this white sand horseshoe beach with views of the Bukit Merese is truly world class.  A great place for beginner surfers and longboards you can rent boats or instructors from one of the many beach cafes to take you out to the breaks around 500 metres offshore.

Warung Turtle is our favourite spot for relaxing with a coconut or beer and the seafood is also very good here, sometimes if you want lobsters and prawns its best to book in advance.

Distance from Amani 15 Mins

Kuta Mandalika
The local Kuta Beach that has been redeveloped by the government is a long white sand beach with large walking path, toilets and facilities lining the beachfront. It’s a good place to swim as there are no currents and although the development is quite new once it grows out I’m sure it will be a popular place due to its proximity to town. It’s popular with kite surfers and kayakers due to the lagoon nature of the beachfront.

Distance from Amani Mins

Best beaches in Kuta Lombok

Selong Belanak
One of the worlds best stretches of white sand beach, untouched surroundings and almost prehistoric coastline views.  A perfect beach for swimming, walking and learning how to surf,  there a couple of restaurants on the beach and you can rent boards and arrange lessons with the various beachside surf schools.

Distance from Amani 25 Mins

A little way up from Selong Belanak this less known beach is also idyllic and varying on swell conditions allows you to paddle.  It is a good wave for surfing and even beginner groups do go there however there is a lot of current so best to go with a guide or instructor.  Segara resort is our pick to hang out next to the pool, enjoy some food and soak up the sun.

Distance from Amani 30 Mins

Gerupuk Bay
A lovely bay the other side of Tanjung Ann that offers five surf spots for varying levels of surfer from beginner to advanced. From the village of Gerupuk you can jump on a local boat for a few dollars that shall take you to the breaks and wait while you surf,  the team at Amani can assist in arranging tours and boats.

Distance from Amani 15 Mins

Best beaches in Kuta Lombok

Are Guling
Long beach with varying sands that extends a couple of kilometer parts of which are accessible at low tide. Popular with experienced surfers and better in the wet season,  a short drive from Kuta which makes it popular with locals. There are a number of beach warungs at Are Guling and some small cafes in the village. 

Distance from Amani 15 Mins

Pantai Mawun
Untouched horseshoe bay with white sands and couple of local food stalls on the beach,  great for a swim and has some waves depending on the swell and season.

Distance from Amani 10 Mins

Best beaches in Kuta Lombok


Great in the dry season and caters for the experienced surfer,  somewhat secluded and not a lot with regards to food and drinks other than basic noodles and soft drinks.  Nice drive to access through the hills and forest areas of the forestry areas, we wouldn’t recommend swimming due to the strong currents and isolated location.

Distance from Amani 25 Mins

Activities and things to do around Kuta Lombok.

Kuta Lombok is the ideal coastal location makes it the perfect place for a fun packed experience with endless activities and excursions for you to enjoy, all a short distance from the villa.

We have collected some of our favorite things to do in Kuta Lombok and the surrounding area as well as some companies that can help with wellness, excursions and activities.

The team at villa Amani can help you with booking these excursions with our trusted partners.


There are a host of awesome dive sites in Lombok from Hammerhead point, the Gili Islands and many dives around Kuta Mandalika itself.  There are a host of dive operators in town and we recommend for fun dives or PADI training and courses Blue Marlin.  They are located near bush radio and the fish market.

Diving in Kuta Lombok

Free Diving 

If you want to take your diving and aquatic proceeds to another level of focus and discipline then you should try free diving there are a number of operators in the Gili islands and a handful in Kuta that can take you for training such as Blue Marlin mentioned above and Free Dive Gili.

Free Diving in Kuta Lombok

Lombok is world famous for surfing and has a number of world-class waves including desert point and others.  Whether you are an accomplished surfer or just looking to learn and have fun there are a number of beaches and breaks close by to the villas and we can arrange serve teachers and guides to help you on your search.  Couple of notable waves near Villa Amani are Gerupuk, Tanjung Ann, Seger Reef, Are Guling, Mawi and Eka’s.

Surfing in Kuta Lombok

Hiking and Trekking
Known for its pristine natural beauty there are a number of amazing trekking, walks and hikes some around Kuta Lombok and others around the island such as the epic Mount Rinjani.  Just on your doorstep is Bukit Merese that is an iconic headland walk that follows the coast from Kuta to Tanjung Ann,  a fantastic place to watch the sunset.  For more intense hikes such as Mount Rinjani you will require a guide that the Villa can arrange but for ones closer to home just boot up and hit the trail!

Kuta Lombok

The undulating hills and sharp Headland cliffs combined with the warm ocean breeze make South Lombok ideal for paragliding.  There are a number of instructors and operators in Kuta Lombok who can execute tandem flights and even training sessions solo. It’s a great way to view the landscape from above and there are many locations where paragliders alight from.

Paragliding Kuta Lombok

The best restaurants in Kuta Lombok

Best restaurants in Kuta Lombok

Welcome to our 2022 guide to the Best restaurants in Kuta Lombok, Kuta Lombok and the surrounding area has a wealth of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, local food warungs (local food stalls) and beach clubs. 

No matter what your culinary choice, wellness goals or dietary requirements are there will be something in town that suits your needs. We have compiled a small list of our topics of restaurants, bars, clubs and Cafes for you to try when in Kuta Lombok all within a few minutes from the villa.

Restaurants serving International cuisine

Kuta Mandalika

Crisp clean Mediterranean food in an idyllic rooftop setting.
Drive from Villa Amani 3Mins

Le Too Much

Central Kuta

Mixture of french and world cuisine with colourful hosts and fine wine cellar.
Drive from Villa Amani 2 Mins 

Mexican food in Kuta Lombok

El Bazar
Central Kuta

Moroccan cuisine and one of the oldest restaurants in Kuta.
Drive from Villa Amani 5Mins

Satu Lagi
Central Kuta

Mexican restaurant with good variety of dishes and a vibrant hipster crowd.
Drive from Villa Amani 2Mins

Tagine in Kuta Lombok

Cafes and bars in Kuta Lombok

Yogi Bar
Central Kuta

Good expat hang out with steak nights on Friday and mixture of French and Asian cuisine.
Drive from Villa Amani 3Mins

Gecko Cafe
Central Kuta

Good modern Australian menu serving breakfast in all day dining with great hosts and a fun party environment on weekends.
Drive from Villa Amani 3Mins

Bush Radio
Central Kuta

Go to morning coffee spot with good simple CAFE food, friendly staff and a chilled out CAFE vibe.
Drive from Villa Amani 2Mins

Jl Mawun Kuta

Affordable healthy cuisine in a nice backstreet location.
Drive from Villa Amani 3Mins

Pasta in Kuta Lombok

Restaurants serving European cuisine

Central Kuta

A mixture of English and international hearty meals at affordable prices with great desserts.
Drive from Villa Amani 3Mins

The Breakery

Central Kuta

Hands down the best bakery in town a great spot for lunch or breakfast with fresh croissants baguettes and sourdoughs.
Drive from Villa Amani 2Mins

Tagine in Kuta Lombok

Central Kuta

Located as part of the gym the menu is healthy and filling and a great spot for all day dining. Check their Instagram as on weekends they have barbecues.
Drive from Villa Amani 3Mins

Restaurants serving Indonesian & Asian cuisine


Jiang Nan
Central Kuta

Freshly made Chinese and Asian food, one of the best restaurants in town in our opinion, very nice restaurant space, friendly staff and great management.
Drive from Villa Amani 3Mins

Central Kuta

Upscale Indonesian and international menu with excellent seller as it is owned by the island’s largest wine distributor.  The restaurant also has a bottle shop that selling spirits and wines.
Drive from Villa Amani 3Mins

Central Kuta

Mixture of Indonesian and International menu in a vibrant hipster environment.
Drive from Villa Amani 3Mins

Fresh lobsters in Kuta Lombok

Seafood restaurants


Traditional Lombok style seafood restaurants where you can buy fresh fish, prawns, lobster and other seafood and Grill it straight on the coconut husk.
Drive from Villa Amani 4Mins

Kuta Beach/Mandalika

Seafood restaurant with a host of international style dishes.
Drive from Villa Amani 3Mins

The Catch
Central Kuta

Predominantly a seafood restaurant with a wide international menu.
Drive from Villa Amani 3Mins

Best food in Kuta Lombok

Beach clubs and day clubs

Selong Belanak / Torok

Probably our favourite beach club on the island, it is very secluded has a small but well executed menu and a great place to stay for a few days and enjoy the peace and quiet,
Drive from Villa Amani 30Mins

Selong Belanak

Located on the legendary Selong Belanak beach this resort has a beachside menu which is a great place to hang out on Sundays have some food and relax.
Drive from Villa Amani 30Mins